The HSTCM Team


HSTCM Team Professor Wong Glenys Savage Michael Wong

In order of appearance from left to right:

  • Professor L. Wong OAM
  • Dr. Glenys Savage
  • Dr. Michael Wong

Professor Wong OAM retired in 2008 at the age of 88. He has trusted Glenys Savage and son, Michael Wong to bring you the highest quality Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Health Spring TCM has been established with the same principles and values that Professor Wong OAM used to establish his Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For 40 years the Academy taught hundreds of students traditional Chinese medicine, massage and physical arts and successfully treated thousands of patients. Today, the Academy continues to teach the physical arts, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Wu Gong martial arts.

Glenys Savage  has worked with Professor Wong OAM for over 35 years and was the Principal and lecturer at the Academy of TCM.  She has a deep passion for Chinese Medicine and has given lectures in both Chinese and English in Australia, China, Taiwan and India. She has a particular interest in women’s health. She has great experience with fertility and now treats many of the ‘babies’ she has helped as grown adults. As well, she now enjoys providing ‘massage for baby services’ for couples and groups. Glenys has also helped many women going through menopause and she teaches them ‘How to keep cool when you’re flushing hot.’  She also continues to do sessional lecturing in Chinese medicine and to teach Tai Chi classes.

Michael Wong grew up in a traditional Chinese Medicine family. He began training in traditional Chinese arts since childhood under the supervision of his father, Professor Wong and his mother, Glenys Savage. After completing his Bachelor in Chinese Medicine which included an internship in China, Michael went on to study an MBA. Michael runs ‘Stress Leverage’ workplace workshops and has a new workshop: ‘Massage for Couples’. Michael’s experience in martial arts, together with extensive training in traditional Chinese medicine and massage gives him a unique understanding of the human body. Michael is on a mission to share the knowledge his father has passed down, to bring Eastern Philosophy to Modern Culture.