Massage Cups

Massage Cups


Silicon Massage Cups. Easy to use, practically unbreakable and extremely safe. Treat yourself and loved ones effectively for a range of conditions.HealthSpringTCM_Cups_squeeze3

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HealthSpringTCM_Cups_boxes3Introducing to you our famous Massage Cups:

  • Made from medical grade silicon
  • Very easy to use
  • Safe for children to use, play with and drop (won’t shatter like glass cups)
  • Do NOT require any Fire – No risk of burns
  • Do NOT require any pump or other device that can easily break

Each box of Cups contains 2 Large clear cups and 2 Small blue cups. Just the right amount to combat typical conditions such as painful necks/shoulders, common colds, coughs, period pains and digestive issues.

For details on how to use these amazing cups please click HERE.


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