These techniques have been used for thousands of years, promoting circulation, clearing toxins and stagnant blood circulation, relaxing the area and thus assisting with any pain relief.

Cupping is achieved using a glass ‘cup’ and heating the inside with a naked flame for a short period of time. In doing so, all Oxygen within the glass cup is burnt, creating a vacuum. When this is placed on top of a specific acupuncture point, the skin of the area is painlessly raised slightly into the vacuum created by the cup.

The objective of creating this vacuum is to ‘suck’ and withdraw toxins that have built up in the body which cause illness and pain. By doing so, circulation of the area is harmonised and overall health is promoted.

Spooning is sometimes referred to as scraping, or in Chinese is called Gua Sha, these techniques involve the use of a ceramic spoon, identical to a Chinese Soup Spoon. Other devices may also be used. The aim of spooning to to increase blood supply to the area, again, creating a mild bruising appearance, releasing blocked and stagnant Qi in the local area. This loosens muscles, rectifies the energy flow of the body, and can assist in relieving pain.